The Way of the Whirlwind - Mary and Elizabeth Durack

The Way of the Whirlwind - Mary and Elizabeth Durack

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Granddaughters of the famous pioneer and explorer Patsy Durack, (whose life story was written in To Ride a Fine Horse) sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Durack spent their early years living on cattle stations in North Western Australia. The Way of the Whirlwind is dedicated to the Aboriginal children:

To you brown children of those northern years
That saw the flowering of your childhood through,
Revealing us your laughter and your fears
And ways bush-wise and secrets that you knew.

For we have watched the hours of your delight
And sighed that so much sweetness fade away,
Of days that knew no darkness but the night
And ways that knew no parting save in play...

 Mary was the writer and Elizabeth the artist and together they produced some memorable works of the 40's, 50's and 60's.

The Way of the Whirlwind is the adventure of Nungaree and Jungaree, two Aboriginal children, in search of their baby brother Woogoo, who has been stolen by Here-and-there, the whirlwind. The children find themselves in many strange places and in some odd situations before the reach the whirlwind's home in Nowhere.

Elizabeth Durack is an exceptional artist despite the controversy that marred her later life with the infamous 'Eddie Burrup' affair of 1997.